Dark Continent

Video 4k 25min

Book of the Machines

Video 4k, 14min, 2023

Inherent Resolve

HD Video, 30min, 2021

Three Works For Piano

4k, 34min’, 2020

Fields of Neutrality

(The Last Interview with Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe), 32min', HD, 2019

Night and Fog

HD video,22 min', Commissioned for the 54. Venice Biennale, 2011

White City

HD video, 25min', 2018


HD video, 80min', 2017

A Woman of Valor

HD Video, 42 min', 2015

Al Midya

HD video, 26 min', 2014

As from afar

HD video, 26min', 2013

September is the new Black

SD video, 37min', 2012

Dumitrescu’s Dream

HD video, 15 min’, 2010


HD video, 28min', 2010

Black Magic Marker

SD video, 27min', 2009

Seasonal Unrest

Two channel HD video and SD video, 51min', 2008