Iancu Dumitrescu (Romania, 1944) is one of the leading avant-garde composers working today. His music is defined as spectral – a musical arrangement practice where compositional decisions are often informed by the analysis of sound spectra. During the last 30 years he has composed a large body of works for acoustic instruments as well as electro-acoustic compositions and music for tape and computer.
One of the key aspects of his work is the exploration of possible connections between the most archaic Romanian music, Byzantine music, and today’s Avant-Garde music. The video is an adaptation of a story Dumitrescu told in an interview about a dream he had during his military service in Romania. The dream, which had a very strong effect on the composer’s work, is an expression of sound in the most violent primary fashion in a context of an absurd military situation.

Camera: Emre Erkmen

Dumitrescu’s dream, one channel video, HD, 15:39 min’, 2010, Film still