Furniture Music Etc. Etc

2024 • Mixed Media und Ton / Mixed media and sound


2024 • Textile print

Personal Curves

2024 • Brass

Historical Records

Vinyl records, 2005–Ongoing

Panama City, Christmas 1989

Mixed media, sound, silk screen print, 2017

Reality Estates: Fake Properties, Lifta

Photographs and printed documents, various dimensions, 2015


Digital slide projection, 2009

Architecture Regarding the Future of Conversations

Sound, motion sensors, mixed media, 2008

Failed to Bind

Two slide projectors, 2013

Krapp’s Last Tape, By Samuel Beckett

Sound performence, 52min’, (With Steve Ellery), 2013

Rudiments (Swiss Army Triplet Version)

Pencil on paper, 109.8 x 79.8 cm (Series of 27 works), 2010–2013

Tape loop for voice and noise

Tape recorder, microphone stand, spot light, Sound, Variable dimensions, 2014

Sono vietate le discussioni politiche

Engraved marble, 149 x 20 x 9, 2015