2024 • Textile print

The curtains that divide the exhibition space are props from the concert scene with George Antheil from Gal’s film Three Works for Piano (2020). The geometric pattern comes from Marcel L’Herbier’s film L’Inhumaine (1924), which is primarily famous for its experimental approach to the medium of film and the involvement of numerous avant-garde artists in its music and set design. While L’Inhumaine met with criticism and incomprehension upon its release, its significance for film and art history is recognized today, particularly its synthe- sis of the various arts. The film also includes scenes from a concert at which dissonant compositions by George Antheil were performed and caused riots among the audience of extras – another source of inspiration for Gal’s film and the reconstruction of Antheil’s concert in Budapest.

Fotos: Daniel Sadrowski

Dani Gal, LAUTFIGUREN, Museum Ostwall, MO_Schaufenster #36, Dortmund