Different Time Different Place Different Pitch

A series of radio programs commitioned by Documenta 14. In collaboration with Achim Lengerer, 2017

The radio is an acousmatic instrument. Listeners do not see the origin of the sound, their experience is shaped both by their own interpretation, and the manipulation of the producer in a political system. Our programs work on the space between documentary and Musique concrète. Each show focuses on political events that are connected to acoustic events. This creates an acousmatic documentary where the programs become sound-objects. The programs response to the ‘image saturated society’ discourse, by asking what is the function of sound as a document in times of live video feeds that can be broadcasted by anyone.

1) The Heavy Listener, 34:36min
Life between improvised music and Palestinian human rights. With Eyal Hareuveni. Live improvisation by Michael Thieke and Dani Gal

2) The Biennale is Fascist, 45:45min
The Student Movement of Venice tried to sabotage the 1968 Biennale while David Lamelas was changing the system from within.
With David Lamelas and Ciara di Steffano

3) Welcome to the Jungle, 43:27 min
Freedom Rock was used as a weapon in the U.S. invasion of Panama at the end of 1989 in what was a test case for American wars to come. With Peter Eisner (Washington Post)

4) Terra Nullius, 47:53min
Physical soundscapes from remote areas in Australia by Robert Curgenven echo the country’s colonial practices.

5) By November It Was Already Different, 45:02min
A conversation about Opposition and the Church in the last days of the German Democratic Republic. With Marianne Birthler and Rocco Pagel

6) December 7, 1989, East Berlin, 48:40min
The first meeting of the East German Round Table where members of East German citizen movements met with government representatives to discuss the future of the German Democratic Republic. With Elske Rosenfeld

7) Between Beirut and Gaza, 46:15min
Ghazi Barakat talks about growing up under the shadow of the Palestinian struggle and how this experience translates into his musical work.

8) A Wooden Cross, 47:52min
A trip to a village near Erfurt, where a small Ahmadiyya community wants to build a mosque. With Suleman Malik and Ricklef Münnich

9) Preservation is Visibility, 47:05min
The women behind the civil rights movement in the U.S. as documented in Irma McClaurin’s African American feminist archive, and Ryan Mendoza hijacking Rosa Parks’ house to Berlin.

10) Five Broken Microphones,
Miriam Schikler recorded sound fragments from the reality of state violence against Palestinians in the West Bank as means of activism and music making.

11) Something is Going to Happen,
The violent, xenophobic riots in Rostock-Lichtenhagen shortly after the unification of Germany. With Wolfgang Richter and Cornelia Schmalz Jacobsen

12) Under the Pavement Lies the Strand,
A conversation about music and feminism. With Angi Domdey and Antje Greye

13) The Call of the Muazzin, 42:29min
The Israeli Government passed a bill that denounces the muazzin call to Prayer in mosques as noise pollution; meanwhile Pegida activists in Germany play it on their loudspeakers. With Abed Abu Shehadeh

14) Sounds of Our Fatherland, 45:33min
Shortly after the invention of the microphone Nazi Germany used field recordings to strengthen nationalistic feelings. With Yaron Jean

15) Decolonized Weather, 43:01min
Eitan Bronstein Aparicio uses diverse activities to decolonize Palestine. One of them is mapping destruction. He sent a map to Gaza and documented the trip.

16) Mulkelhood, 44:49min
Czech political prisoners in the communist era formed a special kind of brotherhood that lasted years after their release. With Jana Kopelentova Rehak

17) The American Sector,
The role of RIAS (Radio in the American Sector) in post war Berlin, on both sides of the wall. With Dr. Joan Clinefelter

18) Frequency Anomaly, 47:04min
An Audio tape led to new discoveries in the Robert Kennedy assassination. With Shane O’ Sullivan and Philip Van Praag.

19) 3700 Hours of Recorded Tape, 44:08min
The Nixon tapes reenacted live in the studio by Jeff Burrell

20) Distorted Tango, 47:05min
How the Soviet union spent more money of on blocking radio stations from the west than on radio broadcasting itself and what creative methods did they use to make unbearable noise. With Rimantas Pleikys
Recorded on June 17th 2017