Semi Automatic

Dani Gal performance at Centre Pompidou-Paris 05/2023

In Semi Automatic, Gal uses sound generating devices such as a radio receiver, recorded sounds or electro magnetic recorders to mechanically and electronically activate other sound sources, such as musical instruments. By using sound activated small electric-motors to vibrate string instruments which by turn generate electronic noises through another device Gal creates a dialogue between two or more sound sources. For example, by switching stations on a radio receiver, shifts in the sound level affect the movement of the motor that by result plays
 a string instrument. In relation to one another the sources, which the player has only partial control over, create an indeterminate musical composition.
One of the main aspects in this project is the use of speech. Through the radio receiver or pre recorded voices, speech acts as an activating sound source. When stimulating a motor that excites a string instrument it creates a sort of Speech Surrogacy; the practice of imitating verbal speech without the use of the larynx. When both the voice and the instrument braid into each other, spoken language become music.