Pigment print on newsprint, 1-12 - 46 × 30 cm, 2009

A series of prints titled Coupons, examine the relationship between technological development and the conditioning of viewing habits. Images from various issues from the 1960s of the German magazine DER SPIEGEL are applied to a background of newsprint. The images show advertisements for tape recorders and compact cameras at the cutting edge of technology at the time. Booming in this decade, these
new technological products promised the appropriation and adequate documentation of everyone’s experiences. In composition with these advertisments we find at times perturbing photojournalistic
images that quietly reveal our usurping claims to commentry. The transformation of the source material into artistic works also points to the debate over the dichotomy of photography as a medium that is capable of both visual documentation and artistic creation while not incidentally referring to rules within the system of visual language.

Installation view, Kölnischer kunstverein, Cologne, 2009