The New Terrorism

Slide projector, record player, sound, 2006

The “The new terrorism” is an educational kit for American schools from the 1970’s. It consists of a strip of photo slides, a one-sided record, a booklet and a game. Using examples of current affairs at the time, the kit was used to teach high school kids about the threat of terrorism. For the work, the film strip was recorded with a video recorder and the footage slowed so the slide show would match the exact length
of the album. When played simultaneously the two resources do not synchronise. This de-synchronisation interrupts and suspends the viewer’s reading of the footage. The meaning of the document escapes its original educational- and sensational-intention and the process of creating certain historical narratives becomes evident.

Installation view, Kadel-Willborn Gellery, Düsseldorf, GR, 2010