A Journey Through the Howling Sands

HD video, 21 Min'. In collaboration with Amir Yatziv, 2016

Edward Palmer was a British orientalist in the 19th century who spent over a year in the Sinai desert in search for the real location of the biblical mount Sinai. In his travel book Palmer writes about a sound phenomenon of the howling sands, which he experienced. The story of the sands and the legend he attached to it are the bases for the film. Three elements of droning sounds: the drone sound of the
band, the drone sounds made from the noise of the flying camera, and the byzantine chants sang by
the monks, melt into one composition followed by a voice telling Palmer’s story. The composition gives the film its spiritual atmosphere in relation to the religious importance of mount Sinai, while the film itself is a documentation of the making of the sounds.

Production: Eyal Vexler
Collaboration with Amir Yatziv

A Journey Through the Howling Sands, single channel video, HD, 21'00'' (collaboration with Amir Yatziv), 2015, Film still